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About Lindale Mill GA



In 1896, Massachusetts Mills opened a new textile mill in Lindale, Georgia. The mill produced 1/7 of all textiles in Georgia. 1,393 people were employed by the mill in 1903. In 1926, the mill was sold to Pepperell Manufacturing Company, giving the community and school the name Pepperell. After 105 years of manufacturing textiles in Georgia, the mill closed in 2001. The closure dealt a huge blow to the economy of Floyd County, and to the community of Lindale. In 2004 a 70 year old tradition of hanging a Christmas star between the smoke stacks also briefly ended.

As the mill gave way to demolition and reclaiming of the heart pine lumber and antique bricks, the community of Lindale sat in quiet for the next 9 years. In 2010 the Lindale Mill was purchased by a family out of Seattle WA. The Lindale Mill is currently being used for small to large movie production filming, photography location and Event locations.

The site offers 23 acres existing old brick buildings, large open spaces with bridges, dams, a running creek, large metal industrial windows, and the existing boiler building, which dates back to 1896. It has become a highly sought after location within Georgia, once again bringing pride and service to the hometown it honors.



Photo by  Tiarra Sorte

Photo by Tiarra Sorte

Family owned

It was in Seattle where Joe and Dani Silva spent almost 20 years raising their three daughters. Joe, a union electrician by trade, found a calling and an opportunity to start a mortgage company that successfully flourished for 15 years.  Dani, raised her three girls at home and when she found time assisted Joe with clerical work at his office. Late in 2011, the family was presented with an opportunity to purchase the historical old Lindale Mill.  Through prayerful consideration and months of deliberation, Joe and Dani alongside his oldest daughter and her young family of 4, left all that they knew in Seattle to relocate to Rome. Six years now have come and gone and Joe and Dani still reside in Rome. The mill has seen a deconstruction phase of which buildings and areas of eminent danger were salvaged down for their valuable raw materials that could be re-used.  It was only after this phase that this nostalgic and iconic landmark to the south, and northwest Georgia in particular, showed its true colors. A new vision is on the horizon and the Silva’s know it.  Together, they want to rebuild, create jobs and develop community in Lindale. The Mill has become a labor of love and the Silva’s are continuously working together to breathe life back into this amazing landmark in innovative ways.




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